L System Algorithm

The L System algorithm is a way to generate fractals from text. Here I have implemented the algorithm in Minecraft using the Computercraft mod which adds programmable computers into the world. I have collaborated with someone else to create this.

How It Works:

The way the L system algorithm works is it will firstly, start off with a set of rules and some starting text. In each iteration it will transform the text by using the rule set for what each character will turn into. E.g the starting text “ab” with the rules “a” turns into “ab” and “b turns into “a”, after an iteration the text will be “aba”.

Then using a turtle graphics system carry out instructions based on the what each character means. E.g “a” could mean to turn left and “b” could mean to move forward.


  • Interpreter for custom fractals
  • Helpful messages to the user
  • Fractal generation in world
  • An install file
  • Pre-installed fractals

Github Source

Forum Post

Running the install file
Listing fractals already installed.