Pragmatic agency work experience

I’ve recently done some work experience for Pragmatic in 7 dials, brighton. One of my goals was to get a taster of what it could be like to work in a professional environment. My experience in Pragmatic has been great and was a lot of fun but also very productive as I have made this portfolio website project.

Developing my portfolio was a very useful learning experience as I learned how to use WordPress. When shadowing employees, I would ask questions in areas that i struggled (which for me, was a lot of areas since I haven’t used WordPress before) and the person I was shadowing was always really helpful and at the end, I would know all about how to do what I needed to be done. I’m very happy with and also very satisfied by how this portfolio turned out.

I have also broken a boundary of doing work for 6 and a half hours in a day which, before I did the work experience at Pragmatic, I wouldn’t have thought about doing something near that because I’m still building up my stamina from having chronic fatigue. Now i feel like I would be able to do even more because it got easier, the more days I came in.

My overall experience at Pragmatic has been great. It’s given me even more confidence both in my own programming but also that I would be able to start to work. I also think that I have definitely achieved my initial goal of getting to see what working in a professional environment since I have a lot of confidence now.

My platformer game has a new compression algorithm!

My game now has a new compression algorithm that is more than twice as efficient as the old one. My current worst case scenario for map size is 26,888 bytes whereas the old algorithm’s one was 61,441 bytes! This is a massive improvement although not very necessary as 61 kilobytes isn’t much of a problem but it was a lot of fun to make and since its under half the size, it’s great.

The current code can still read the old maps made with the older algorithm, but it won’t compress using the old method.