About Niall!

Hi, my name is Niall, I’m 21 years old and my passion is coding. I’m originally from Australia but have moved to England a few years ago. I’ve been through a lot with my chronic fatigue which you can find more on below.

My Chronic Fatigue Journey

I have had chronic fatigue for in total about 4 years and I am currently at school because of the years that I have missed. The illness has taught me to be patient but also be grateful for the things I do have and the perseverance that will get me through just about anything. Whilst I had chronic fatigue I lost connection with not just my education but also my social life and i started seeing less and less of friends as it was just too hard for me to go out or even talk with them.

When I was in the middle of the illness, I picked up a passion for coding. The way this came about is through the popular game called Minecraft. I firstly started using the circuitry mechanic in the game which explored the logic of signals and also in fact logic gates which helped me make complex contraptions. I then wanted to share my contraptions with others which I then did with starting my own YouTube channel. I was fairly consistent with my uploads to the YouTube channel and worked well with the schedule, however, I then had other commitments starting to enter my life like school and that didn’t leave me much time for my YouTube channel but still leaving me satisfied with how far I got with it.

I then found out about a modification of the game that added programmable computers into the world which used scripts made using a programming language called Lua. This sparked my overall interest in programming and my love for making code. I then started to start making web applications and also explore the JavaScript programming language with the help of my programming tutor at my side. I have also made some games using Lua in the game engine called Love2D which game design is an area that I am currently loving.


I started self teaching myself Lua about 3-4 years ago though I have only recently started using Love2D. I started with Javascript about 2 years ago though I have only spent a little amount of time with HTML and CSS and also interacting with them through Javascript but I'm trying to continue to use them and be more comfortable with them.